Basic health and safety rules.


Health and safety are matters of absolute importance to most, if not all organizations globally. It is advisable that all institutions have health and safety rules that govern the safety of the workplace. For health and safety to be at its maximum, there should be a health and safety committee formulated to deal with the safety matters at hand. These committees should he headed by a health and safety officer and members should be from both the management and general staff.

One of the most common rules of health and safety is USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. This rule, plus personal enthusiasm in safety stands to be the surest guarantee of health and safety at work, on the road or even at homes.
For matters concerning the safety of the workers in industries, they should be treated without delay and given first priority. Any individuals found violating these regulations should be subjected to thorough penalties.

Involving workers in health and safety issues enhances their cooperation, leading to a safe and conducive working environment. It is important to help workers to form a culture of safe working. This is done by encouraging them to report any accidents no matter how trivial and by making them understand the set rules and regulations presented to them either by posters, signs, discussions or publications of any kind.
Health and safety officers or supervisors must ensure that employees are sensitized and at all times, think of safety as they perform their jobs, or get trained for new ones.

There are several rules that have been adopted by organizations;

  • Make sure there are safety procedures for every job undertaken.
  • In case there are emergencies, report immediately no matter how slight it might appear.
  • In case there are fatal injuries, the employee is not to be moved until medical attention has been given by right authorities. Movement of the injured workers may cause more damages or bring about more complications.
  • Make sure you do not wear hanging clothing, jewels or any other material when operating a machine. They might get caught by moving parts of the machines and cause serious injuries.
  • Never distract persons who operate the machines. Taking their attention away might result to accidents. If you have to, make sure it’s safe.
  • Be in personal protective equipment before starting any kind of job. Make sure the safety equipment are of the right fit.
    Never block the safety equipment. This will make sure that they are easily accessible in case there are emergencies.
  • Keep the working environment safe.
  • Use the machine to do the work it was meant to perform.
  • Make sure the warning signs are in place and are visible to everyone
  • Shut down the machines when not in use, when cleaning or repairing.
  • Do not tamper with electric controls and switches.
  • Do not operate the machines if declared to be in a bad condition.
  • Do not operate the machine if you don’t have the know-how of it. Make sure you have the authority to do so.
  • Use the dustbin well. Put trash in the right container to avoid break outs.
  • Quit the job if it turns out to be unsafe.
  • Know the risk associated with your work.
  • Be your brother’s keeper
  • Take care of yourself.

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