How to Get Clear and Smooth Skin Naturally

How healthy one’s skin is influenced by one’s lifestyle. An individual may purchase expensive skin treatments, but they have little effect if factors such as diet are not considered. Basically, good skin requires one to eat well, exercise, rest and to take care of one’s liver. Taking up habits such as cleansing the skin every morning and evening is also essential. Some scientists recommend taking a cold showers in the morning, and a hot shower in the evening.

There are a number of conditions that affect the skin. These are such as acne, burns, eruptions, dry skin, skin scaling and skin grafts. Each of these conditions has its own remedy.

  1. For skin grafts a paraffin bath is recommended.
  2. Eruptions such as eczema require a prolonged bath if they are dry and not irritable. If they are scaly, alkaline baths help.
  3. Dry skin requires one to apply oil more frequently, to use steam baths, hot air baths or cold towel rubs.
  4. Burns require using a wet cloth over the area or sprinkling cold water to soothe. If the burns are intense, a continuous cold neutral bath helps ease the pain.

In case one has wounds, cuts or scrapes, cleaning the area to keep it free from infections is essential. Herbs such as plantain and aloe Vera are believed to contain antiseptic qualities and are hence used to cleanse such wounds. Tea tree oil is applied on the wounds to prevent infections.