Allicin; The Reason Behind the Remedial Power of Garlic

Garlic gives significant remedial purposes not only locally, but also globally. Luckily, garlic is readily available in Kenyan grocery stalls, making it easy for just about anyone to experience its remedial benefits. Other than that, garlic has a pungent smell that adds oomph to a majority of meals. The one chief ingredient behind these properties is allicin. Allicin gives garlic its smell and creamy yellow color. It is also the component responsible for the many medicinal properties of garlic.

Allicin acts as an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants help remove harmful toxins and free radicals that may cause bodily harm.

Allicin also alleviates cold and flu symptoms. It is important to note that it does not cure, but ease the symptoms.

Garlic is also believed to prevent cancer. Traditionally, in countries such as France and Italy, garlic extract was used to treat cancer of the uterus. Currently, research has confirmed that individuals who use garlic more are less exposed to caner.

Allicin also gives garlic anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, garlic is also used to help prevent acne. When allicin in its powdered form is mixed with water and applied directly on acne, it reduces redness and dries the zits faster.

Allicin also reduces bladder infections and candidiasis. Allicin is highly effective in killing e.coli, responsible for causing most urinary tract infections. In the same way, yeast infections common in women can be alleviated by adding allicin powder to yoghurt an applying it to the affected area.


  • Allicin has a number of side effects such as rashes, body odor, digestive problems or allergies.
  • Allicin is available in pill, paste or powdered form.
  • Not all garlic supplements contains allicin. There are other active ingredients such as allin in garlic that may not necessarily give the desired effects.
  • It is important to read labels to confirm the presence of allicin.