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Who we are


To develop, gather and provide reliable and relevant safety and health information, analysis and tools to advance knowledge, raise awareness and exchange safety and health information and good practice.


To be a known publisher promoting healthy and safe at workplaces, on the road and at home in Africa based on participation and the development of an OSH risk prevention culture, to ensure a smart, sustainable, productive and inclusive economy.


We will be focused when setting goals and establishing health strategies. We are committed to deliver healthy and cost-efficient operations.


Based on a foundation of ethics, discipline and communication, with full acknowledgment of our duty to our policyholders and our responsibility as an industry leader.


We strongly believe it is possible to conduct our operations without injuries to people or damages to assets and the environment, and will continue our efforts to improve safety results. The safety of our people is imperative and is not subject to negotiation or interpretation.


In the past, health factors were not given much attention both at the workplace and personally. This however, does not mean that there was no need to ensure that health and safety factors should have been considered. The Health and Safety Magazine expounds on factors pertaining to: maintaining good health and safety for individuals. Ensuring health and safety for employees in healthcare to attract more employees to their workplaces. The need to teach more bout ensuring health not only at the workplace became necessary and so did learning about personal health. This is another one of the factors that makes up the health and safety magazine. The magazine covers a diverse and comprehensive flow of information on health and safety, health and living and even some information on workplace management. Watch out for each issue on more information and education to improve your life both personally and at work.

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